GW Undergraduate Admissions

Deferral Request

Please submit this form to defer your admission to the George Washington University for up to one year.  
The deadline for the fall semester is August 1 and the spring semester is January 1.

Your GWID is "G" followed by a combination of 8 numbers assigned to you. i.e. "G12345678"

Personal Statement
Deferrals may be granted for the purposes of work, travel, military service, or the pursuit of a special interest. Deferred students may not enroll in another college or university. GW will not grant credit for courses taken while students are deferred. Please tell us your plans for the deferral period, along with relevant dates.

Please limit your response to 500 words or fewer.

Statement of Understanding
I certify that I am requesting to defer my admission to the George Washington University and that I agree to the conditions stated in the Deferred Admissions Policies.